Add a Fragrance of your choice to any Salt of the Earth Products (discluding Mineral Salt) for added deliciousness. This will be mixed up in your chosen product before being sent. 

SOTE - Fragrance Additives

  • Cabana Boy:

    Lounge around with cocoa butter, a tropical drink and the cutest boy at the beach!

    • Ingredients: Pineapple, Melon, Coconut, Banana, Jasmine, Tonka, Vanilla
    • Smell: Fruity, sweet & creamy

    White Ginger

    Warm amber, with the right amount of light floral notes. An aroma that finally matches your stunning looks.

    • Ingredients: White floral, white ginger, musk, jasmin

    • Smell: Floral, musky & fresh

    Bamboo & Teak

    Rugged, masculine touch-- add sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, and just a hint of sweet fruit to magnetize anyone.

    • Ingredients: Sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, slight fruit

    • Smell: Sweet, earthy & fruity with a slight musk

    Rosemary Mint 

    A refreshing & crisp scent to help you feel most energised.

    • Ingredients: Rosemary, Mint

    • Smell: Floral, Fresh, Clean