Salt of the Earth - Creamy Scrub 


Smoothen and reveal soft skin with this creamy Shea Butter Scrub.


Massage a 50c piece size into a dry area of skin (more may be desired for a larger area) add a small amount of water for slip, after massaging remove with warm water. 


Products are bland & Non-Scented.

Fragrance and/or additives can be mixed in with your chosen Salt of the Earth Product. Please Add this to your cart. 

SOTE - Creamy Scrub

  • Main Ingredients & Benefits:

    Salt detoxifies and decreases inflammation

    Sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells and is a natural humectant

    Shea Butter increases healing, deeply moisturizes skin and is a great antioxidant

    Trace Minerals helps to nourish the body’s need for minerals